Behavioral Specialists
Consultation Services

First 5 Amador offers consultation services by an experienced behavioral specialist to assist caregivers (parents, grandparents, etc.), preschools and child care programs in caring for children with behavior concerns, disabilities and special needs.  A consultant is available to assist family child care providers, early education teachers and families with a wide range of resources and services.  The consultant offers phone and on-site assistance to families and programs serving children ages 0-5.

A phone call to First 5 Amador is all that it takes to get assistance.  Here is an idea of what the consultant can do and how the process works:

1. Telephone Support

  • Lend support, listen, answer questions and problem solve
  • Help to identify “red flags”
  • Assist providers and families in accessing appropriate resources
  • Support providers in communication with families regarding concerns and referral to consultation services and other resources

2. Child Specific Observations

  • Provide feedback and suggest strategies for improving challenging behaviors
  • Help implement a behavior modification plan for the child, providers and caregivers to follow
  • Help identify and set goals for the families and providers to work towards
  • Assist in making referrals to specialized services for children
  • Provide information about special education and working with the school system
  • Identify long-term resources to assist inclusion efforts (e.g. connecting child with Family Resource Network, Valley Mountain Regional Center, Special Education)

3. Comprehensive Support Services--Program Observations

  • On-site consultation with child care programs and staff
  • Suggestions for program modifications (e.g. making space more accessible, promoting social skills and smoother transitions, behavior management techniques)
  • Educational materials (e.g. informational articles addressing specific needs of a provider or suggestions on curriculum development)
  • Training and guidance for caregivers and staff to help meet the needs of children with specific behavioral, developmental, or physical issues

If you would like more information about accessing these services,
please call Cheri at First 5 Amador at (209) 257-1092.

These services are provided in part by funding from the
Amador County Mental Health Services Act.