The Importance of Male Engagement
Children who grow up with warm, nurturing, and actively involved fathers reap tremendous benefits, including better school performance, increased self-esteem, healthier relationships with peers and caregivers, and future access to greater financial resources, according to a recent review of the research. In fact, children’s potential for academic success begins long before school age. When fathers read to their young children on a regular basis, they tend to raise children who are superior readers, who perform better in school, and who have better relationship skills.
(Green, S. 2002)

Dad & Me:

  • Fun-filled father involvement events for young children & the men in their lives.  
  • Each event is based on a book which your family can take home to help build your family's early literacy library!
  • Packed with an assortment of entertaining activities including planting, arts & crafts, water play, games, and story time.
  • Sample projects include making bird feeders, creating snowmen, and building with blocks. 
  • Healthy snacks are always provided. 
  • Perfect weekend outings for families that want to positively engage in their child’s development. 
  • Provide fun and easy opportunities to help your children get ready for school.
  • “After spending the day with your child and meeting other dads and
    their kids,
    you leave feeling good about your relationship with your child
    and more connected to a community of people." 
    -Dan Klement, Local Father

    Upcoming Dad & Me Events

    All events are held on Saturdays from 10 a.m. ~ Noon unless otherwise noted. 

    Please check our Calendar page for the next Dad and Me event.

    Space is limited....If you would like to attend our next event, please
    RSVP to Erika at (209) 257-1092.