Domestic Violence Attorney Voucher Program

First 5 Amador is currently working with Victim Witness to provide legal vouchers for up to $1,500 per case, for use by domestic violence/family violence victims.

Control of finances (denying or limiting access) is one of the tools of control used in domestic/family violence. Victims of domestic violence and family violence may not have the financial resources necessary to pay for needed legal assistance, or may have lost access to resources as a result of leaving the home environment.

Batterers often escalate violence when their partners increase help-seeking measures or attempt separation. During prosecution, approximately half of batterers threaten retaliatory violence, and more than 30% actually commit assaults.

The most dangerous time for battered women is during attempts to leave relationships. Legal assistance with emergency protection orders and restraining orders, among other measures is essential. Without access to support and sound legal counsel, victims face additional barriers and risks to their own/their children’s safety.