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Proposition 10, which was passed by California voters in November 1998, imposes a fifty-cent-per-pack state sales tax on tobacco to fund a comprehensive, integrated system of early childhood development services for California children ages 0-5. The overall intent of the initiative is to prepare all California children to enter school healthy and ready to learn. Efforts are provided by the State Commission and through the efforts of Prop 10 Children and Families Commissions in each California County. Eighty percent of the revenue collected is received by County Commissions to fund local programs. The remaining twenty percent is being used by the State Commission to implement statewide strategies.

Never before in the history of California has there been such a comprehensive, grassroots effort to fully involve the public in deciding how young children's programs should be funded. Prop.10 is designed to ensure that program-funding decisions are made at the local level, calling for extensive input from all segments of the community.

In order to receive resources from Children and Families First Act funds, counties are required to form Children and Families Commissions. These commissions must develop strategic plans that address the three strategic results identified by the State Commission:

  1. Improved Family Functioning: Strong Families

  2. Improved Child Development: Children Learning and Ready for School

  3. Improved Child Health: Healthy Children


County Commissions have been given flexibility in determining their own strategic planning process and goals, but must, at minimum, ensure that the following components are addressed:

  1. A description of goals and objectives proposed to be obtained;

  2. A description of the programs, services and projects proposed to be provided, sponsored or facilitated;

  3. A description of how measurable outcomes of such programs, services and projects will be determined by the County Commission using appropriate reliable indicators; and

  4. A description of how programs, services and projects relating to early childhood development within the county will be integrated into a consumer-oriented and easily accessible system.


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