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Health & Wellness

Welcome Baby

Baby Welcome Wagon
mother and infant ina warm embrace

First 5 Amador offers Welcome Baby to ALL parents that are either expecting or celebrating the arrival of a new baby.  This FREE program helps parents become more aware of the development, health & safety of their new arrivals.  It also offers emotional support and information regarding local resources.

Upon enrollment in the program, the family receives gifts that include a DVD, a book and a t-shirt.

If you are or someone that you know in Amador County is pregnant or has recently had a child, download and print the simple, one page registration form.

Print a FLYER here.

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Oral Health

Oral Health
child dental visit

First 5 Amador is an active participant of the Oral Health Task Force whose goal is to improve access to oral health services and improve the overall system from prevention through care.  

The task force includes partners from A-TCAA Head Start, Amador County Unified School District, Jackson Creek Dental, private dental hygienists, Amador County Public Health, community volunteers, and First 5 Amador.

The driving force behind the task force are the findings below from a study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics:

  • Dental caries, cavities, is the most common chronic disease affecting children in the United States. It is 5 times more common than asthma and 7 times more common than hay fever.

  • Early childhood dental caries emerge within all cultural and economic pediatric populations.

  • By the time children are in preschool (ages 2-3), 18.7% have at least 1 tooth with untreated caries.

  • By early school (ages 5-9), 51.6% have either a carious lesion or a filling in a primary tooth.

  • Overall, 58.6% children ages 5 to 17 have caries.

  • Pediatricians and other child health professionals can have a major impact on oral health outcomes for children because of the opportunities provided by early intervention.

Behavioral Specialists

Behavioral Specialists
girl pouting
boy pouting
girl with baby doll

Are you experiencing challenging behavior at home, preschool or in your child care setting? First 5 Amador offers consultation services by an experienced behavioral specialist to assist caregivers (parents, grandparents, etc.), preschools and child care programs in caring for children with behavior concerns, disabilities and special needs.  A consultant is available to assist family child care providers, early education teachers and families with a wide range of resources and services.  The consultant offers phone and on-site assistance to families and programs serving children ages 0-5.

A phone call to First 5 Amador is all that it takes to get assistance, (209) 257-1092

Perinatal Wellness

Perinatal Wellness

"This is not how I thought I would feel."

Improved mental health and well-being for Amador and Calaveras families before and after delivery is the priority of the Amador/Calaveras Perinatal Wellness Coalition. The coalition is working together to promote the mental health and well-being of families through perinatal education, support and advocacy.


mother with infant staring out the window

If you or someone you know is experiencing depression, anxiety and/or distress and needs support, First 5 Amador can connect you with one-on-one support. 

For more information, please call (209) 257-1092.

Baby Basics

Baby Basics

Baby Basics text and image

Baby Basics is about helping families in need.  The program collects items such as diapers, baby wipes, baby food, & baby products (shampoo, wash, lotion) for infants and toddlers in Amador County. They will be distributed to families through the Interfaith Food Bank, ATCAA's Homeless Shelter, the Pregnancy Help Center, and Operation Care's Domestic Violence Shelter.

You can drop off items at First 5 Amador, or at various places throughout the county. Call us for current locations.

Please note that all items must be new

and in their original packaging.


footprints graphic web site.jpg

Footprints is open to all parents who have experienced the death of their baby from pregnancy through infancy.


Footprints is an opportunity where grieving parents are able to talk to someone with similar experiences and share their feelings about their loss and the love for their babies.

For more information please call First 5 Amador, (209) 257-1092.

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